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My work is a response to the environment in which I place myself.   Whether traveling or stepping out the front door, hand held stream-of-consciousness or view-camera-like study, I photograph as the surroundings call my attention. Often choosing times and locations based on my expectation of fertile ground; at times I’ll pre-visualize some desired outcome, only to have that photograph replaced by one dictated by the light, structure and nature of the location.  It happens, now and then, that an image I’ve sought for years is found, though generally not where I expect it.  Many are first seen with no camera at hand, waiting and evolving until they can be recorded.

It’s is in reviewing the images that I find commonalities: peace...quiet...a certain awe of the natural world.  I do hope to share these things, to stir a bit of respect for them.  On occasion man-made objects dominate, but how is man not a part of nature?  We are animals...with tools.

20-odd years of commercial photography separate the years before and after, dedicated to imagery for the love of it.  It took some time to get back to that, and to revisit the work of the masters that informs my own. 

Black and white provides me with accessible abstraction and the opportunity to interpret what I see a bit more.  It also leaves just a little more for the viewer to contribute in the process.

                                                                                                                                  Thanks for looking,